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the raven strikes

this is a graphics journal

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graphics et al

welcome! you have just stumbled across a little icon journal called the raven strikes. it's a place where i, anna, house most of my photoshop monstrosities creations. don't be afraid of looking around and commenting.

001. commenting is not necessary. neither is credit, for that matter. but I appreciate both.
002. don't claim anything here as your own.
003. do not hotlink. or you shall leave me no choice but to run after you, american psycho style
004. if you are really desperate to alter something, that's okay. but other than that, I don't like it much.

click here for resources. if i have used your material and have not credited you, please let me know and i shall.

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layout credit: refuted

100x100, 3:10 to yuma, aaron eckhart, adrien brody, american psycho, amélie, anchorman, arctic monkeys, arrested development, arty musings, audrey tautou, band of brothers, banners, battlestar galactica, bbc, bbc period costume dramas, be your own pet, beirut, ben barnes, ben whishaw, bloc party, blur, books, british actors, britpop, brushes, bryan fuller, buffy, carnivàle, chicago, christian bale, cillian murphy, cold war kids, community, css, cut copy, damian lewis, david tennant, dead like me, dexter, doctor who, dollhouse, dominic cooper, dr horrible, duels, dvds, ellen page, emilie simon, england, equilibirum, esotsm, eternal sunshine spotless mind, everything is illuminated, feist, film, final fantasy, firefly, flight of the conchords, foals, france, franz ferdinand, gary oldman, gaspard ulliel, gogol bordello, gradients, harry lloyd, harry potter, heath ledger, hot chip, i'm not there, icons, interpol, james mcavoy, jamie bell, jarvis cocker, john simm, joss whedon, joy division, juno, kaiser chiefs, klaxons, lcd soundsystem, lee pace, life on mars, literature, little miss sunshine, lord of the rings, louis garrel, mad men, marion cotillard, matthew goode, maximo park, melbourne, mgmt, michel gondry, midnight juggernauts, muse, music, north and south, patrick wolf, photoshop, pride and prejudice, pushing daisies, richard armitage, robert pattinson, robin hood, scottish men, scrubs, serenity, shaun of the dead, sons and daughters, star wars, sufjan stevens, sweeney todd, television, textures, the arcade fire, the brothers bloom, the darjeeling limited, the dark knight, the fall, the futureheads, the history boys, the horrors, the long blondes, the mighty boosh, the pianist, the presets, the rakes, the royal tenenbaums, the smiths, the strokes, vampire weekend, velvet goldmine, veronica mars, watchmen, we are scientists, wes anderson, white rose movement, wonderfalls, yeah yeah yeahs